Inside reagan's navy
PRESENTED BY chase untermeyer

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Houston Maritime Museum


Join Chase Untermeyer as he discusses his book Inside Reagan’s Navy for an engaging, up-close narrative of Untermeyer’s experiences in the Pentagon. The work is interwoven with descriptions of events and people, humorous anecdotes, and telling quotations. In March 1983, President Reagan offered Untermeyer an appointment as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy. In the following year the President named Untermeyer Assistant Secretary for Manpower & Reserve Affairs. In this position, Untermeyer took charge of all personnel issues affecting nearly one million sailors and Marines and a third of a million civilian workers. Inside Reagan’s Navy paints a portrait of official Washington during the Reagan years, with its politics, and personalities. Untermeyer offers a unique view into the period of naval expansion and the end of the Cold War era.

Chase Untermeyer has been a diarist since the age of nine and went on to become a journalist. Untermeyer began his service in Washington in January 1981 as Executive Assistant to the Vice-President Bush, as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, a Senior White House aide to President George H.W. Bush, and Director of the Voice of America. He would later serve President George W. Bush as US Ambassador to Qatar. Now an international business consultant, he lives in Houston. 

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