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MAST Contest 2020

Sea Ocean Waste as Art 

Each year, millions of tons of waste ends up in the ocean. Birds, fish, amphibians, and marine mammals are dying from eating plastic garbage and from being entangled in floating debris. Chemical pollutants from the waste are ingested by fish and enter our food supply. 


As a team, research the science around the environmental crisis caused by waste in the ocean. Then, create an artwork using waste materials to raise awareness about the issue. Finalists will be invited to present their present their artworks and engaging table displays about their research and creative process. A panel of judges will award great prizes to the top three exhibits in each age division.


How to Enter 

Open to students grades 3 – 12 or equivalent ages.

Please note that there has been changes in dates and timeline. 

1. Submit your completed Registration Form by June 20.

     Complete Form Online       OR       Download and Email Form    

2. Not sure where to start? We have fun workshops and camps coming up! Stay tuned!

3. Submit your proposal form by July 5.  Finalists, who are selected based on the strength and quality of their proposal, will be invited to bring their artwork and give an engaging presentation at the Houston Maritime Museum on Saturday, August 1, 2020.  

For inquiries, please contact

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  • Teams must consist of at least 2 and no more than 6 participants.
  • Teams must submit a completed proposal form by June 20, 2020. 
  • Teams must have at least one adult supervisor, such as a parent, teacher, and/or afterschool program leader. Supervisor(s) will ensure a safe and responsible learning process and act as a point of contact. He/she is also responsible for organizing transportation and chaperone duty on the day of the final presentation.
  • Artwork must reflect the issue of waste in the ocean and connect the ocean, marine life, and the environment in its thinking.
  • Artwork must be made with waste materials and must not contribute to further waste contamination. Materials can be recovered objects such as any household plastic product or waste.
  • Artwork may be a sculpture, collage, or mural.
  • Artwork should be 3’ x 3’ x 3’ maximum in size or equivalent in volume, and maximum weight of 45 lbs.


  • Registration Form - complete form online here OR download pdf file here (by June 20, 2020)
  • Proposal Form - download pdf file here (by July 5, 2020)
  • Contest Announcement - download pdf file here  - please distribute!

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