HMS Bounty (1787)

HMS Bounty

Ronald Roberti

Accession No.: 2007.1.38
Date: 1998
Materials: Basswood, walnut, cherry, boxwood, and metal parts

Provenance: This 1:60 scale, Class B plank-on-bulkhead model of the HMS Bounty was built by Master Modeler Ronald Roberti and later purchased by Houston Maritime Museum founder, James L. Manzolillo. The HMS Bounty, originally christened the Bethia, was commissioned in 1787 by Great Britain to find and transport breadfruit to the British West Indies. After a long stop on the Tahitian Islands, Fletcher Christian led a portion of the crew to mutiny, and set Captain William Bligh and his supporters underway a jolly boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The mutineers, before being brought to justice for their crimes, were able to establish a colony on the remote Pitcairn Islands, where their descendants live today.

Bequest of James L. Manzolillo, 2007.