Every year the Houston Maritime Museum looks to our local community for assistance in reaching our goals. Whether you wish to support the maritime industry, education programs for children and teens or want to become more involved in your local community, HMM offers a number of sponsorship opportunities, which are listed below:


USS Houston Exhibit - $15,000

Our new exhibit will tell the stories of the four USS Houston vessels that proudly carried our city’s name while defending our country during war

World War II Atlantic Room - $7,500

This redesigned exhibit will tell the important story of the US Merchant Marine and Allied navies‘ efforts to keep vital sea-lanes open leading tot he winning of the war in Europe

World War II Pacific Room - $7,500

Focusing on naval power and strategy, the reworked Pacific Room will answer the question, “How did America win the war in the Pacific?”


History Lecture Series - $8,500

Our signature lecture series highlighting maritime history, heritage, and culture in relation to Houston, the country and the world
Sponsored by Frost Bank

Industry Lecture Series - $7,500

This four-lecture series invites key members of the maritime community and academia who highlight innovation and progress in the maritime industry
Sponsored by The Shelton Law Firm

Environmental Lecture Series - $3,500

Our newest lecture series will offer two lectures during the year dedicated to environmental topics relevant to the local and international maritime world
Sponsored by The Shelton Law Firmk

HMM Website - $5,000

Our best marketing and outreach tool which sees 200,000 visitors per month
Sponsored by Frost Bank

Kids’ Cove - $5,000

This space is where our young visitors can learn about the maritime world through engaging activities

Family Days - $10,000

An ongoing special event series for children and their families focusing on engaging activities about the Maritime World

Traveling Trunks - $5,000

Lessons and activities which bring the maritime world from the museum to other educational venues for students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about the importance of maritime history to our city and world

June Gin - $2,500

Learn about the fascinating history of gin and the gin trade from an award-winning mixologist

Battleship Madness - $1,500

Join HMM for “Battleship Madness”, a competitive bracket style tournament using the classic game Battleship to determine who has the moxie to lead their ship to victory Sponsored by Frost Bank

Matthews Men Booksigning - $2,500

Author William Geroux will be on hand to discuss Matthews Men, which tells the true story of the U-boat assault off the American coast during World War II

USS Houston Opening Night Reception - $2,500

A special reception to celebrate the opening of the new exhibit
Sponsored by West Gulf Maritime Association

National Maritime Day Pub Trivia - $2,500

Visitors can prove their maritime knowledge prowess by participating in our three-round trivia quiz
For information on any of the opportunities listed above, please contact Jenny Podoloff at 713.225.1688 or jpodoloff@houstonmaritime.org