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Houston’s origin along the banks of Buffalo Bayou is responsible for the immense maritime connection Texas enjoys with the world. Commerce originating and terminating on the Texas gulf coast greatly enhance the state’s economic growth and creates a wealth of opportunities for our community. Houston Maritime Center & Museum share this important information as a trusted public resource, museum, and educational bridge between the maritime community and public at large.

What the community is saying about us:

Homeschool Day

“[…] Overall, it was one of the best and most interesting events I have taken my kids to in many years.”

— Lisa, Parent

About HMC&M

“I think people need to know about the past and future… I see the museum as part of that, to educate people.”

— Captain Bill Diehl, President, Greater Houston Port Bureau

About HMC&M

“I enjoyed exposure to the world of Maritime. We had never introduced our kids to this and I’m glad they have an awareness about it.”

— Dorilyn, Visitor

Homeschool Day

“[…] they had hands-on experience with the sextant. It was a great experience overall.”

— Nadine, Parent

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