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Karankawa Indians of the Texas Coast

The Karankawa, loosely translated to ‘dog lovers’, lived along the coast of Texas long before French and Spanish explorers settled the area. It is unknown when the Karankawa first established themselves in small units of 30 – 40 people along the Texas coastline, but the first recorded encounter with the Karankawa Indians was initiated accidentally…
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Texian Navy Day

Celebrated on the third Saturday in September, this day of recognition aims to bring light to the little-known Texas Navy. While Texas has never had a single, long-standing navy, a small fleet of ships was formed and maintained by the Republic of Texas between 1835 and 1846, after which  Texas became part of the United…
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Are We There Yet?

Houston boasts one of the largest and busiest ports in the U.S. Use this activity to help students become familiarized with the Ship Channel, and to start thinking about Houston and its surrounding areas as a maritime region.
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