In February of 2022, the Houston Maritime Center and UTC Overseas welcomed Former Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz, into our gallery for a reception and award presentation for Dr. Moniz’s efforts in the maritime energy transition.

Dr. Moniz enjoyed a brief tour of our gallery, finding interest, especially in several models that reminded him of those at MIT and the USS Constitution, which is currently located near his home in Boston.

Decreasing carbon emissions in the maritime industry is at the forefront of discussions for many companies. With the expense and time involved, those working towards finding the best pathways for these problems are unrecognized heroes in the maritime industry. The Houston Maritime Center has welcomed several lecturers, including Peter Fitzpatrick from the American Bureau of Shipping, to continue the discussions that Dr. Moniz started with his visit.

Decarbonization and energy transfer in the maritime industry will have a great impact on all of us as we make the transition to greener fuels. It’s critically important for the industry and community to understand the problems and work towards solutions.

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