Robert A. Fry, Jr.

Years ago I had the privilege meeting Jim Manzolillo, the founder of the Houston Maritime Museum. I was impressed with his knowledge of the maritime industry and his vision for a museum to tell its story. As of this month, I have the honor of serving as Chairman of the Board of the museum Jim Manzolillo founded and, for a short time, serving as the steward of his dream.

Mr. Manzolillo recognized that the maritime industry is responsible for much of the prosperity we take for granted here in Houston. He also realized that many people had no knowledge of our port or its role in that prosperity. The Houston Maritime Museum is dedicated to telling that story to as broad an audience as possible.

These are exciting times for the museum. We will soon embark on building a new and exciting home close to the port. In the meantime, we continue to upgrade the exhibits at our present location. Our continuing lecture series has drawn rave reviews and excellent word of mouth recommendations. I urge you to get involved in any way you think appropriate. Together we will move forward Jim Manzolillo’s vision for telling the story of the Houston maritime community. It is a mission worthy of our best efforts.

Excerpt is taken from The Anchor Newsletter, May 2017. Robert A. Fry is no longer the chairman of the board but it still involved with Houston Maritime and we thank him for his continued efforts.

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