From Orange to Singapore – A Shipyard Builds a Legacy


The legacy of the Levingston Shipbuilding Company, stretching from Orange, Texas to Singapore.

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I am a child of the Levingston Shipbuilding Company culture, and this trip to Staten Island, New York was part of my exportation in the history o the shipyard. I can only imagine the excitement of the shipyard workers when they were building the John F. Kennedy ferry shortly after the President was assassinated in Texas. In my retirement years from a career in the oil and gas business, I decided to write a story about the Levingston Shipbuilding Company. It is full of surprises, revealing Levingston’s important role in history. Inside these pages, you will meet a remarkable group of people which was shaped by an era that spanned a period from the trauma of World War II to the end of the Cold War. You will recognize many of their contributions which we still enjoy today. From Orange to Singapore to New York Harbor, to the marine offshore industry and global ocean research, we see the legacy of one “hell of a company.”

Paul A. Mattingly, Jr.


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