Inside Reagan’s Navy

Chase Untermeyer

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The Japanese surrender in World War II occurred on August 14, 1945. On that afternoon, photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt took to the streets of New York City to capture the country’s jubilation. He shot the iconic V-J Day in Times Square scene that appeared in Life Magazine and forever became a favorite snapshot of victory.

Chase Untermeyer

International Business Consultant

Chase Untermeyer has been a diarist since the age of nine and went on to become a journalist. Untermeyer began his service in Washington in January 1981 as Executive Assistant to then Vice-President Bush, as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, a Senior White House aide to President George W.H. Bush, and Director of the Voice of America. He would later serve President George W. Bush as US Ambassador to Qatar. Now an international business consultant, he lives in Houston.

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