6 Feet Below The Waves

An Underwater Graveyard

Shipwrecks have always been a topic of intrigue and fascination by people across the world. James Cameron’s Titanic, HBO’s the Terror, and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise to name a few. Blockbusters and TV shows have given the lore and the horror of sinking ships, the countless souls along with them. Each shipwreck has its own tragedy and sinking story, whether it be storms, land masses, war, or malfunctions. Sailors continue to risk their lives aboard watercraft vessels, unsure of what nature or obstacles await them on their journey. Many famous shipwrecks lie in the ocean, numerous have also happened in waterways like the Mississippi River and Great Lakes.

Only in the last 10 years, explorers have found historically infamous vessels like Shackleton’s Endurance and the HMS Erebus. Advancements of technology provide answers to the mysteries of their disappearance and the loss of souls aboard.

As you browse this virtual exhibit, witness the tragic stories of these ships that now lie in the murky depths. Click to learn more about each vessel and the lives lost who became known in history.

Graveyard of the Atlantic

Graveyard of the Pacific

Throughout Our Gallery

White Star Lines Disasters

Founded by John Pilkington and Henry Wilson in 1845, it originally focused on trade and passenger transport from the UK to Australia, before becoming a commercial liner a series of unfortunate events and multiple serious errors would occur during the company’s lifetime. Almost 2,400 lives have been lost in 105 years of White Star Lines.

The Survivor

Violet Jessup – The Queen of Sinking Ships

Violet Constance Jessup was an Ocean Liner Stewardess and nurse for the White Star Liners from 1911 until her retirement in the 1930s. Jessup survived three White Star Liner incidents; RMS Olympic (collided with British warship HMS Hawke), RMS Titanic, and the HMHS Britannic. 

German U-boats attacked Allied Ships in a part of the ocean, known as Torpedo Alley. It was located in Atlantic ocean off the coast of North Carolina. Nearly 400 ships and 5,000 souls now lie at the bottom of the ocean. Many of the vessels and lives lost are civilian ships and merchant marines.

Torpedo Alley

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