Houston: Your Home Port

Houston: Your Home Port

Maritime Education Classroom Module

Did you know Texas has the ninth largest economy in the world, with Houston’s port bringing in over 20% of state GDP? Or that it is the largest petrochemical manufacturing port in the country and the largest port by tonnage? In partnership with the Greater Houston Port Bureau, Houston Maritime Center and Museum offers a maritime education classroom module to instill this knowledge into young minds. This unit is created for middle school students based on GHPB’s Port 101 lecture. This module many useful resources such as a teacher’s guide, student worksheets, video lesson, games, glossary, and a quiz. In this module, you will learn about the importance of the port, how it was created, how it operates, and the incredible career opportunities on and off the port.

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS):

Grades 7-8

9.C: The student can analyze the effects of physical and human factors such as climate, weather, landforms, irrigation, transportation, and communication on major events in Texas.

12.B: The student can trace the development of major industries that contributed to the urbanization of Texas, such as transportation, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

28.B: The student can analyze the impact of transportation and communication systems related to the growth, development, and urbanization of the United States.

Classroom Module Video Lesson

Houston: Your Home Port – Maritime Education Classroom Module


Your Maritime Education Home Port Presenter, Captain Bill Diehl

Captain Bill Diehl

Captain Bill Diehl is the Former President of the Greater Houston Port Bureau, a maritime trade organization serving 250 member companies in the Houston region. GHPB supplies its members with detailed vessel traffic information, market analysis, and maritime expertise in safety, security, and environmental issues. Prior to the Port Bureau, Diehl served 31 years in the Coast Guard, commanding the largest operational unit in the Coast Guard: Sector Houston-Galveston. He has a Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Captain Bill Diehl is also a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Virginia.

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