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In an effort to enhance our visitor experience, would you please take just a few moments to complete this short general survey?  Your feedback is very important to us and your timely response is appreciated.  

Houston Maritime Center General Survey

What is your gender?(Required)
When was your last visit to the Houston Maritime Center?(Required)
How do you feel about the Houston Maritime Center and Museum only being referred to as a Maritime Center?(Required)
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How likely are you to recommend the Houston Maritime Center to others?(Required)
What was your favorite exhibit or display at the museum?(Required)

Do you have any relation either professionally or recreationally to the maritime world, shipping, or logistics?(Required)
Which areas should the Houston Maritime Center improve the visitor experience?(Required)

One Comment

  1. The Maritime Center should be an important cog in the greater Houston commercial wheel. There are still far too many people who are unaware that Houston is a major port in world commerce and how much the port contributes to the area’s economy each year. The port’s existence, importance and its history should be more widely broadcast across the area.

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